Steem challenge

Follow along on the latest journey from @the.foodini as he takes us on an eating adventure through a Thai marketplace to see how much food he can buy with 5 STEEM at its current market value!

Do you think he can buy a full meal with 5 STEEM or will he fall short of the goal?

Could you buy a full meal at a local market where you live?

In the video below you will see how his Steem challenge came out and if he was able to get a full meal with 5 STEEM! The passion for food and sharing great content is evident in the video, which is why we are very happy and proud to present the first entry to the #steemchallenge. Do you think he can buy a full meal with 5 STEEM or will he fall short of the goal?

@Promo-mentors and @Fundition have teamed up to create awareness of Steem and the Steemit community by challenging people around the world to come up with creative ways to spend 5 Steem! In today’s prices 5 steem is about 4 US dollars.

Depending on where you live, you may only be able to buy a Starbucks coffee while others are able to buy groceries or a nice present with that amount. What we want is to show people that it is possible to earn cryptocurrency (Steem) by starting a completely free account on the Steemit platform.

We don’t want to send out the wrong message that everyone can become rich from Steemit, but just that Steem is here, that it has real monetary value, and is here to stay!

how to join

To join simply go to our website page and follow the steps!

Link to the Steem challenge page.

steem challenge gathering

Every 2 weeks on Sunday we gather in our online Discord group to talk about the featured submissions and vote for the top 3 Steem challenges. Winners will receive 5 Steem each!

Come and join to meet new friends and find inspiration! This is the invite link to our Discord group. You can find the exact dates of the talks in the news channel.

We are grateful to @the.foodini for sharing such awesome food and to @fundition for partnering with us on this challenge!

We invite everyone and anyone to take part in this challenge. Show us your creativity and help to grow the Steemit community by showing how versatile crypto is and how seamlessly it can be used in daily life.

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