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The Steem universe is a very special and unique part of the blockchain. On Steemit you can meet new and interesting people from all over the 

The Steem universe is a wonderful part of the blockchain. Whether you’ve come for a quick visit or made Steemit your online home away from home, Steemit offers a wide range of opportunities. You can meet fun and interesting people from all over the world, share your thoughts, knowledge and experience with others and get paid for posts, articles, videos and live streaming events.

You can also take part in contests that range from karaoke to trivia, short story writing to art creation. And you can support many worthy projects around the world. Whether you become a backer for a neat new app, help fund school supplies for kids, or help support a rescue animal shelter, Steem offers opportunities for you to put your Steem Dollars to work for the world.  

In this spirit of fun and philanthropy, Promo-Mentors has developed the What Can YOU Do With 5 Steem challenge. To see your picture here, (and to add some Steem to your wallet) just follow the rules below and submit your entry. 

  • Make a short video showing what you did with 5 Steem
  • Post the video on YouTube
  • Make a post with the YouTube link or embed the video on your Steemit blog 
  • Also post to any one of the following social media sites 
  • Submit your entry using the form on the Steem Challenge submission page

The video must be in English or have English subtitles. 
You must also show how much of your currency equals 5 Steem
You must mention Promo-Mentors and our partner Fundition in the video

You can also earn a reward bonus for helping us spread the word about Steemit and PromoMentors. Check out the reward details on the Steem Challenge Opportunity page.

Take advantage of this opportunity for fame and fortune and come join our Steem Challenge Opportunity and your picture could be the next to be featured here on our front page!

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