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What is the Steem challenge?

The Steem Challenge is a community effort to showcase Steem, the first social media crypto platform, to the world. Unlike Bitcoin, Steem is earned through upvotes similar to the likes we receive on Facebook. is where most of the magic happens, you post there and most of the time you will earn a few cents without putting any extra effort! 

To us, Steem is a portal to a new society and we would like to share with everybody. The Steem Challenge is about promoting Steem on traditional social media through videos in which we show how much our daily spending would be in Steem. We imagine a future where we can freely spend our Steem. For example, how much is your cup of coffee worth in Steem?!

The awesome part is that we can reward people with Steem, so when you join the Steem challenge you will earn at least $2 in Steem without needing to give us your bank details! What a wonderful technology huh!

Ready to join the Steem Challenge?

First you need a Steemit account to submit your entry and to receive your Steem. If you don’t have an account create one here. Warning: It may take up to several days for your account to be verified and active. Account creation is free but you can pay to get one instantly (more information in the link).

Then, just follow the requirements below, fill out the submission form and you’re in!


1.First check out our latest challenge on the Challenges page or on our Steemit blog, then create a short video of yourself completing the challenge. Don’t forget to mention how much Steem you have spent in your country’s currency! (Check the current Steem price here)

2. Be sure to include the following in your video:

  • Your Steemit account name
  • That this is your entry in the “Steem Challenge”
  • That the challenge is hosted by Promo-Mentors and sponsored by Fundition

Video MUST be in English or include English subtitles.

4. Post the video to YouTube, and any one of the following: Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Reddit or Medium.

5. Make a post on your Steemit blog that includes links to your video and the other channels where it was posted and tag it with #steemchallenge.

You can download banners and images for use in your video and your posts from our Media Page.

6. Use the form below to submit your entry.

If your entry meets the standard requirements you will get a nice $2 upvote on your blog from Fundition. All entries will have a chance to be featured on our website for which you can receive extra rewards depending on where you have shared your video and how much traction it received!(more information on the rewards below)

For our featured
videos we look for creativity, humor and philanthropic deeds. 

Submission Form

Submissions that contain or depict violence, sexual acts, or hate speech will be automatically rejected.

By filling out the form above you grant Promo-Mentors a limited license to use all or parts of your entry videos, images and post text to promote Steemit and Promo-Mentors in online publications and channels such as (but not limited to) YouTube, Steemit, Medium, Twitter and InstaGram.


If your entry gets featured on our website you can earn the following percentage of the Promo-Mentors Steemit post reward in which your video is featured.

You can earn the following percentages from the post reward:

  • 2% if you have met the minimum requirements described above
  • 1% for each additional social media channel – excluding Medium (remember you must post to at least one of the above social channels to meet the minimum requirements)
  • 2% for posting to and an additional bonus of 5% if your Medium post is accepted by our Medium Publication editors.
  • Total amount of Views/Shares/Likes you received on all Social Media platforms excluding Steemit.
    100-150 – 3%
    150-300 – 5%
    300-500 – 10%
    500-1000 – 20%
    1000-2000 – 30%
    2000-5000 – 40%
    5000 and above – 45% (and a possible partnership with Promo-Mentors)

There is a 50% cap on reward totals.

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