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Mariska Lubis took the 5 Steem challenge and took a trip to her local store to show us how much food 5 Steem can buy. In her video, Mariska fills a basket with various food choices found in her native Indonesia. In Indonesia, 1 Steem equals about 30,000 Rupiahs. With her 5 Steem, Mariska can buy rice, cooking oil, sugar eggs and noodles.

But Mariska doesn’t stop there. She continues her journey through the market and shows alternatives to the first basket of food that she can buy with her 5 Steem. She could buy enough bananas to feed an elephant for a day, or a family for a month! She moves on to the arts and crafts store and finishes up her journey by sharing with us her idea of how she can use 5 Steem to change the lives of others.

Mariska Lubis Takes the 5 Steem Challenge

Mariska’s post on Steemit can be found here on the Promo-Mentors Steemit blog.

For this video Mariska received 5 Steem from our fund and 25% of the author rewards from this post 🙂

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