New to the blockchain and totally lost? What is Steem? And Steemit? How does this new thing work? 

Promo-Mentors is here to help. Think of us as a community that can become your portal to a brave new world full of interesting people ready and willing to share knowledge and experiences that can enrich your life and expand your expertise.

Through our workshops and education initiatives we can help you navigate the blockchain, write better posts, poetry, and stories. We can help you produce better videos, cook gourmet meals, take better pictures of the world around you. We can help you learn how to use Steem to find support and funding for your charitable projects and initiatives.

We are here to help you become a better Steemian, able to sample and savor all the wonderful things you can do on the Steem Blockchain.

Being a part of Promo-Mentors also means having fun. We run contests and challenges that are both rewarding and entertaining. So come join us on Discord and start the journey that just might change your life.

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