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It always amazes me how many talented people are gathered here on Steemit. From app developers to creative writers and artists to those who use Steemit to help fun charitable initiatives, Steemit has gathered some of the most incredible people in the world. This week we would like to introduce you to two Steemians who have focused their talent on fitness. The first, McFarHat has developed a fitness tracking app, Actifit that can actually pay you to get fit! AfricanYogaGal approaches fitness from the whole body Yoga experience, sharing tutorials, inspiration and information about the benefits of Yoga. So, check them out and go get fit!

Steem dApp Fitbit

We all know that it’s sometimes difficult to get a fitness program started and to stick with it while we wait for results. But what if you could download an app that let you get paid when you post the fitness results to Steemit? Now that’s an exercise incentive!

Mcfarhat has created an Android app – Actifit that actually rewards you for getting and staying fit. In his words

“Actifit is a innovative SMT (Smart Media Token) that rewards fitness related activity via Actifit tokens.”

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Simply download the app, go about your normal fitness routine and Actifit will automatically track your activity. Post the Actifit stats to Steemit – and get paid to stay fit.

You can earn daily Actifit reward tokens (AFIT) by walking, dancing, jogging, working out, even doing normal daily household chores. Actifit tallies activity daily and after reaching a minimum threshold of 1,000 daily activity, login to your Steemit blog using your posting key on the App itself. Post your activity via the App to your Steemit blog to collect your Actifit upvote and Steem rewards.

For more information check out the Actifit Initial announcement or the Video Tutorial

Happy Fitness!

Keeping with this week’s fitness theme, our featured member AfricanYogaGal brings us posts and information on the many benefits of yoga. A professional Yoga trainer, her blog not only has clear, well illustrated, step by step yoga instruction posts, but also explores some of the many benefits of the daily practice of yoga. Did you know you can boost immunity and detoxify your body with yoga?

Steemit Yoga Blog

AfricanYogaGal also offers us a peek inside her own yoga routine, with Ulog entries like “Stretch Monday” Some of her students make a featured appearance as we get to see youngsters developing the routines that will bring the lasting benefits of yoga into their lives at an early age.

Get fit with yoga on steem

Even if you’re not “into yoga” this is an entertaining, educational blog that makes for a delightful read. Be sure to check it out and give it a follow at AfricanYogaGal.

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