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In this interview we delve into the mind behind Fundition, the Steem platform similar to Kickstarter where people can raise funding for their projects. At the age of five Ozden Cetinkaya (@hightouch) moved from Turkey to France, where he would be involved in various projects throughout his life. Before he created @fundition which is a non-profit(!) crowdfunding project, he worked on @dtube. All the projects he has ever worked on before were aimed at humantarian efforts, which makes him a genuine entrepreneur in my opinion, someone who works to create better lives for others that is in the spirit of entrepreneurship!

Promo Mentors interview with Fundition founder Hightouch

Hightouch says, “I am always amazed to see how many initiatives there are on the Steem platform while we are such a small community compared to other social media websites. I can not imagine how many more initiatives there will be when more people are joining Steemit. Fundition can turn out to be very valuable for Steem as it could help more people succeed with their project, which will encourage more undertakings. These individual project in turn could bring more value to Steem, which is why I am excited to see that Steemit Inc. has decided to support Fundition.”

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You can also visit the Fundition website and Steemit blog to catch up on their latest efforts.


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