The blockchain is changing the world. From the world of finance to the many  communities and initiatives that have found a home on the decentralized blockchain, blockchain users have found new ways to change the internet and the world. Here at Promo-Mentors we believe that changing one small part of the world we live in – education – can give us the opportunity and the tools to help others change their corner of the globe.

Here at Promo-Mentors we believe that education is one of the most valuable assets a human being can have. We also believe that education should be free and accessible for everyone. 

“I believe that we can do this differently with the (Steem) blockchain. We can make (expert) information more organized and much cheaper.”

“This is my ultimate dream to achieve with Promo-Mentors and my team and I are going to take a shot at it.”

~Futurethinker – founder of Promo-Mentors

The Promo-Mentors online community provides a platform where knowledgeable individuals can share their expertise and be rewarded for it. To pay the rewards we use the Steem blockchain. The Internet opened the accessibility to information, we build on that by making (expert) knowledge more accessible through blockchain technology.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

~Nelson Mandela

Working with partners like Fundition, we also help projects by creating educational courses and promotion.
For collaboration contact: @futurethinker.

Note: we only collaborate with projects that create value for people.

We hope you will come join us on the Steemit corner of the blockchain. 

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