Authored by @livinguktaiwan, Graphics by @podanrj / February 21st 2019

Valentine’s Day was last week, how did you celebrate? Or did you celebrate? Some of the Steemians celebrated by entering our Valentine’s Steem Challenge and @calluna was one of them.

Her entry was very special as she wrote a poem about how she would spend Valentines with 20 Steem which is worth about £4.48 in UK. She even read/rapped the poem in her video. That’s got to be a first for our #steemchallenge and a great one in deed.

Source: @calluna’s 20 SteemChallenge

For this amazing entry @calluna received a vote from @fundition and will share 3% of the rewards from this post for posting on multiple social media to spread the message!

@Promo-mentors and @Fundition have teamed up to create awareness of Steem and the Steemit community by challenging people around the world to come up with creative ways to spend 20 Steem! In today’s prices 20 steem is about 6.6 US dollars.

Depending on where you live, you may only be able to buy a Starbucks coffee while others are able to buy groceries or a nice present with that amount. What we want is to show people that it is possible to earn cryptocurrency (Steem) by starting a completely free account on the Steemit platform.

We don’t want to send out the wrong message that everyone can become rich from Steemit, but just that Steem is here, that it has real monetary value, and is here to stay!

how to join

To join simply go to our website page and follow the steps!

Link to the Steem challenge page.

steem challenge gathering

Come and join to meet new friends and find inspiration! This is the invite link to our Discord group. You can find the exact dates of the talks in the news channel.

We are grateful to @calluna for sharing such awesome 20 STEEM Journey and to @fundition for partnering with us on this challenge!

We invite everyone and anyone to take part in this challenge. Show us your creativity and help to grow the Steemit community by showing how versatile crypto is and how seamlessly it can be used in daily life.


Reward distribution post: Account 52%, Graphics 10%, Author 35%, Featured participant 3%

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