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Steemit user Kaizag, from Venezuela, took the Promo-Mentors 5 Steem Challenge recently. One Steem is equal to TWICE the minimum wage in Venezuela, which shows just how much the blockchain can help change lives  around the globe. From the many things Kaizag could have done with her 5 Steem, a family gathering complete with a delicious looking barbecue as a Father’s Day surprise for her dad was her choice.

In her video, she takes us shopping for the dinner ingredients and the prices on even everyday items give new meaning to the phrase “sticker shock”. Her challenge video shows us just how far even small amounts of Steem can go in some areas of the world. 

Check out the video below for fascinating look at her family and her corner of the world. 

Kazag plans a father’s day surprise with 5 Steem

For her lovely idea and her wonderful video, Kaizag received 5 Steem from our fund and 25% of the author rewards from this post 🙂

You can read the original post here and you can catch up with her Steemit blog here

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